Rome in a Weekend with 2 Kids

A Step-By-Step Travel Guide About What to See and Where to Eat

(Amazing Family-Friendly Things to do in Rome When You Have Little Time)

You’ll Learn:

  • What “must-see” landmarks you should visit with your kids
  •  What to do before your trip, and the free apps to download
  • Where to find the best gelato in Rome
  • The recommended durations to spend at each location
  • Traveling with young children can be very stressful. Hassan has created a great little guide to Rome that provides a realistic itinerary.”

    Corinne McDermott

    Founder of
  • If you don't like reading through lots of information, then this is for you. It's boiled down to the essentials and packed with info!"

    Miki Mo

    Owner of
  • An excellent and informative guide for any family planning a short visit to explore Rome."

    Vanessa Hofmann

    Founder of
  • Hassan has done an excellent job creating the perfect guide for a quick family trip to Rome. He's done all the research and legwork!”

    Catherine Aragon

    Author of Mission Rome: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure for Kids 
  • As a full time travel mom with 3 young kids I appreciate that this book has done all the hard work! The only thing left to do is pack our bags!”

    Kenzie Tillotson

    Travel blogger at

Hassan Osman

About the Author

Hassan Osman is a hyper-planner. 

When he prepares for travel, he researches hundreds of online reviews and articles ahead of time. He also studies several books and forums about the best things to do with his kids. He then cross-checks all those recommendations to balance the must-see highlights with the top family-friendly destinations. 

The end result is a carefully thought-out itinerary that includes step-by-step instructions on what to do and what to see with his wife and two little kids. 


His latest book, "Rome in a Weekend with Two Kids," highlights the plan he followed to get the best out of Rome in a very short time period.

Hassan's day job is a project management office manager at Cisco Systems.* He's also an Amazon Best Selling author of three books: "Influencing Virtual Teams," "Don't Reply All," and "Write Your Book on the Side."

You can find him on his blog at 

*Views are his own and not those of Cisco