Influencing Virtual Teams

The #1 Amazon Bestseller about 17 Tactics That Get Things Done with Your Remote Employees (A step-by-step list of psychological persuasion tactics that you can implement straight away with your team).

  • How to increase compliance by 33% using a single word
  • How to increase trust among your team (using a step-by-step approach)
  • How to effectively set and manage deadlines
  • What you need to do before, during and after every meeting to increase adoption rates
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“This book lays out the imperatives of managing virtual teams. Hassan’s framework will differentiate between good and great managers.”  

Marjon Dean, Managing Director at EY

“This book includes many immediately actionable ideas for managing a distributed team. [You'll get] key tactics that will make a big difference in your work day”  

Tom Moor, Co-founder of Buffer

“Smart, easy to read, and pragmatic. ‘Influencing Virtual Teams’ is now a must-read for all of my clients building remote teams”  

Patrick Linton, Co-founder of Bolton Remote

“If you're a remote manager who wants to help your team get more done in less time and avoid the confusion that can happen in virtual teams, this book is for you.”  

Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Author of “The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment”

“Solid communication tips that will help you build a productive remote team. Everyone managing a remote team will find something useful in this book”  

Lisette Sutherland, author of "Work Together Anywhere"

“This is a must-have guide for virtual team leaders, both newbies, and pros. A great new resource.”  

Dr. Howard B. Esbin, Creator of Prelude (a game for virtual teams)