Hybrid Work Management

How to manage a hybrid team in the new workplace (A super-short book about how to analyze, plan, manage, and evaluate your team’s hybrid work arrangement).

  • Understand the different hybrid team models and how to set one up for your team
  • Plan your onsite and remote activities to optimize your hybrid workplace model
  • Run your hybrid meetings effectively and ensure fairness among your remote and in-office employees
  • Become a more inclusive hybrid leader
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“This book is a must-read for any team leader who has a hand in re-architecting our collective futures and what it means to work remotely.”  

Larry Gioia, Senior Director, PwC Products & Technology, Product & Service Innovation Market Leader

“Hassan’s book is significant and timely. It lays out a simple end-to-end blueprint for setting up and running a hybrid work model. A must-read for leaders who want to manage hybrid teams.”  

Sameer Sait, Former Chief Information Security Officer, Amazon/ Whole Foods Market

“Many leaders are concerned about their return-to-office strategy. This concise guide will show you, step by step, exactly how to plan and manage hybrid work.”  

Dave Stachowiak, Host of the Coaching for Leaders podcast

“Hassan outlines a clear framework, infusing introspective questions, to design and implement an effective global structure to attract, build, and sustain high-performing teams in this new way of working.”  

Marjón Dean, Managing Director, Global Technology & Digital Transformation, EY