Effective Delegation of Authority

A (Really) Short Book for New Managers About How to Delegate Work Using a Simple Delegation Process

You’ll Learn:

  • How to determine what to delegate to your employees before starting the delegation process
  • How to avoid micromanaging your employees
  • The five traits that every task should have before you delegate it
  • The method you should follow to decide who to delegate work to on your team
  • This quick read is a must for new managers -- and also for senior managers who are seeking a framework to help newer managers avoid the common mistakes.”

    Dave Stachowiak

    Host of the Coaching for Leaders podcast
  • Packed with immediately actionable tips and scripts to help you delegate with confidence, especially if you're new to managing a team."

    May Busch

    Executive Coach and Author of "Accelerate"
  • Delegation done well is about more than just assigning tasks, much more. And this book will show you how to do it right."

    David Burkus

    Author of "Under New Management"
  • Clear and simple, with an honest up front promise that delegation is not about instant gratification. You need to read this book."

    Corrinne Armour

    Leadership Speaker and Author of "Leaders Who Ask"
  • Hassan Osman has provided the best of the best practical advice in an end to end process to accomplish task delegation.”

    Dave Stitt

    Author of "Deep and Deliberate Delegation"

Hassan Osman

About the Author

Hassan Osman

Hassan Osman writes short books for busy managers.

He is currently a senior PMO area leader at Cisco Systems*, and has written several Amazon #1 Best Selling books, including Influencing Virtual Teams and Don’t Reply All.

In Effective Delegation, he’ll show you how to improve your delegation skills in simple steps, and shares a comprehensive step-by-step process that tells you exactly what to do before delegation, during delegation, and after delegation.

You’ll also get a free one-page cheat sheet (a PDF file) that summarizes all the tips in the book on one single page, and a sample delegation template (MS Word format) that you can copy and paste and modify for your own team (free download links inside).

*Views are his own and not those of Cisco